Dacima Survey: A web survey software that is FDA 21CFR Part 11 compliant

Dacima Survey is powerful web survey software based on Dacima’s Clinical Suite software engine that can be used for web survey or is available as an integrated component of Dacima’s Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system (Dacima Clinical Suite).  Unlike most web survey software which are designed for simple surveys, such as marketing and customer feedback surveys, Dacima’s web survey software is built on our EDC technology, and therefore, conforms to FDA regulatory requirement (21 CFR Part 11) and includes a complete audit trail, making it the perfect choice for Medical/Health, pharmaceutical, physician and patient surveys.

Through the designer module you can design simple or complex, sophisticated web surveys through an easy to use web interface. No computer programming required! Built in features include the ability to create respondent eligibility checks, data validation controls and branching form logic to reduce data entry errors and enhance data quality. Surveys can be designed with multiple forms that seamlessly integrate giving the survey respondents a simple and easy to complete web survey, while providing you with the flexibility to created complex survey designs with dynamic form activation, eligibility check forms, branching logic and more.  And with the same built in workflow and versioning capabilities of our EDC software, you can easily modify a survey even after it has gone live.

The software also includes options to select from different modes of access for survey the respondents, including: email invitations, URL access, anonymous surveys access, or secure login/password access; as well is the ability to manage mailing list, email reminders and status tracking of completed survey of invited respondents.  Advanced dynamic dashboards and reporting capabilities helps you manage the data collection process and visualize your data.

Whether you are conducting marketing, customer, sociological, or medical survey, Dacima’s Survey module offers the most advanced features of any web survey software.

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