Using images for interactive data collection

Dacima’s image based data entry functionality is a powerful design and data entry feature that allows you to use images for entering data.  Entering data to typical data entry fields involves either entering dates, time, numeric or text values using the keyboard, checking check boxes or selecting from drop down list.  Image based data entry differs from the image data type which allows the data entry user to upload an external image file, such as an x-ray,  into the data base. Image based data entry offers a visual way to specify data through images that not only displays a region in the image but also allows values entered in other data entry fields dynamically trigger image changes in the image  to visually convey information to the viewer.

For example, you could upload an image of the human body, organ systems or other anatomical images.  After uploading the image into a form, the designer user can then define zones or regions within the image by using the mouse to define the perimeter of the zones of interest. For example,  If we want to visually allow a patient to specify which joints the patient  feels pain, then in an image of the human body the designer could define an area for each joint.  Once defined the specified area or zone becomes a data entry field that can be clicked by the user.  Colours can be specified to indicated a selected or unselected zone.


The system also allows you to add visible dependency triggers to the selected zones so that when a zone is selected questions can appear (any data type) or even have other images appear (such as a more detailed image of the zone).  You can also have values specified in these sub questions to server as triggers to dynamically trigger colour feedback to the image.  Continuing with the joint pain example, this would allow have a pain severity level question, with category response options, appear for each of the joint (zones) of the image.  Then based on the response a different colour could appear. You could have the selected zone appear in red for the a severe pain response, yellow for moderate pain, and green for mild pain (or any other colour).

Dacima’s Image based data entry offers powerful interactive data entry capabilities for form design to visually enter and represent data and to create forms that allow novel, intuitive and easy data entry.


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