Alternative methods of capturing data: ePRO, BYOD and others

Capturing Data with ePRO and BYOD

In Data Capture, and more specifically Electronic Data Capture, we have well passed the point of paper Case Report Forms (CRFs) and went straight for eCRFs. It has not only speed up the process of capturing data in clinical research, the level of mistakes and data discrepancies has also declined significantly because of real-time edit checks and rights-based validation officers. Before, all data was entered by experienced data entry personnel but recent trends are nudging research towards the data entry by patients as in patient report outcomes.

Patient Reported Outcomes

It has been generally accepted that the capture of data from a patient is best measured from the perspective of the patient and therefore by the patient himself. These Patient Reported Outcomes, for the software-based capture called ePROs, come in various forms and sizes. They can be registered via touch-based hand held devices such as tablets or slates, smartphones or other devices of daily use, general computers or laptops. The medium wherein the data is captured is not the only form of variation; the ePROs can be send out via email to be filled out as a web survey, a patient registry or in a form of a patient diary or they can be handed out on site.

BYOD (Bring your own device)

The latest acronym on the block is BYOD (bring your own device) referring to the ePRO described above. Instead of working with devices in research sites, BYOD allures to the touch-based devices where the patient will access a web-portal on its own device and will be able to fill out forms at certain fixed time points. Not only does this will save time as the patient does not have to book and schedule an appointment at the research site, the data capturing process will also become cheaper. Remarks have to be made that unsupervised data entry could lead to discrepancies concerning questions and the interpretation of the patient.

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