Data Management in Clinical Research

Time and cost-effective data management in Clinical Research

Dacima Software: A researcher’s perspective

At Dacima Software, we know that (Clinical) Research is a moving subject where data cleaning, delays, changes in CRFs, site management and CRF management are topics we want to avoid or at least minimize the burden as much as possible.

Our team consists of epidemiologists, clinical data managers and clinical database developers who can guide you trough this process and help you get faster and better results!

Clinical Data Management

Clinical Data Management implies the collection, integration and validation of clinical trial data. Starting from creating the appropriate protocols and master CRFs to choosing the appropriate vendors to collect the trial data (electronically). Dacima Software can help smoothen this process with a team of designers who can create and design eCRFs in less than a week. CROs or other research institutes seeking long-term partnerships can also be trained and be assigned as an official Dacima Expert Designer.

Dacima Software can help you with data management!

Data Collection

Dacima Software offers advanced data entry techniques that give you endless possibilities to capture your data without any unnecessary loss of variables. With an advanced Designer module, you can transform your paper CRFs easily and rapidly to elegant and efficient eCRFs. You will find interesting data entry options such as dynamic tables, sub-forms, image-based data entry and many more features unseen in any competitor’s EDC solution!

Real-time edit checks and validations will warn you immediately in case of discrepancies with preset limits or data entry standards. Possibilities for overriding and entering data queries will give you multiple options to capture your data.

Real-time Reporting

In the Dacima Clinical Suite you can also follow your data capture in real-time by using real-time custom (bespoke) reports and other dashboard metrics. Tracking your studies, sites or even specific forms was never so easy providing you the option to react quickly and avoid time or data loss.


Double-data entry becomes obsolete with (by user rights) designated data validation personnel who will validate the data and resolve outstanding queries. These queries can be tracked in the reports section as well, giving you an overview of what has been done and what still needs to be done.

More information about our software

These are only a fraction of the endless capabilities that Dacima Software has to offer to you and your clinical research.

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