Mobile Data Capture: Smartphone-based Clinical Trials

Mobile Data Capture

Last week we posted an article on Data Capture using BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and how it will helps clinical trials to capture more reliable data by extracting data from the perspective of the patient. Our last article focussed on the form-based data entry though as smartphones are getting smarter and the development of data capture devices that can talk to smartphones is expanding, the impact of remote clinical trials will be more and more substantial.

Remote Clinical Trials

In 2011, Pfizer was one of the earliest Pharmaceutical companies to engage into remote clinical trials by sending out pills, letting local hospitals take blood and send information through by mail and more information was gathered by sending out web surveys. Even though this project was cancelled early, the framework of this new way of conducting clinical trials created a path for future research.

Technology and research are still far from being able to conduct reliable and efficient remote clinical trials though the benefits of these types of trials being huge cost-savings and more (continuous) data can have an enormous impact on the way we are doing clinical research today.


The development of registering devices that talk directly with smartphones is the next subject that will facilitate more remote clinical research. Using these new developments, data can be captured and stored immediately electronically and send up into the cloud in a more frequent matter than previously possible in an older visit structure. By adding content-based web surveys that can react instantaneously with uploaded raw data, researchers can have clean data and, most importantly, additional personal data of the patient with greater relevance regarding the before uploaded medical information.


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