A bright future for Patient Services

Pharma sector keeps focus on patient-side (data capture)

In a couple of previous posts (here and here) we already talked about thePharma’s Growing Opportunity in Patient Services emerging importance of data capture from the patient’s perspective. Accenture released this week a detailed report, based on a survey on more than 200 patient services executives, confirming this latest trend while going into much more detail and giving some very interesting facts.

Increase of research and development

The patient services executives unanimously agree that patient services are key for the future of Clinical Trials and clinical data capture. More 85% of all the companies will increase their investment in the next 18 months though half of the respondents feel that their company is currently in a powerful position regarding patient-centric capabilities.

Rise in investments in digital engagement technologies and according support

To inform patients, the pharma sector will engage in large investments to raise awareness of their services to these patients via health care professionals but also via Social Media, their web pages and by creating an online community. Especially this last method will be increasingly important as pharma companies want to use direct communication channels.

Investments focussed on patient values.

The pharma sector will make it more suitable for patients to participate in clinical trials and making it more convenient to extract data from these patients. The focus will therefore be on medication deliveries and support (Dacima’s drug management module), remote monitoring via wearable devices or BYOD and more resources will be used for patient outreach, reminders and scheduling.


Read the full report here:


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