Clinical Data Management still sticking point for Pharmaceutical R&D

Capturing and Managing Clinical Trial Data 

Clinical Data Management remains one of the most crucial factors in conducting Clinical Trials to influence the resources during the clinical trials and, eventually, the outcome. A recent survey among clinical operation leaders revealed that a staggering two-thirds still uses spreadsheets to handle data in Clinical Trials. This is one of the most important contributors of delays, additional costs and eventually unfavourable patient outcomes.

Clinical Data Management BlogThe use of spreadsheets as Master Study File where data is aggregated from multiple different source systems results into unsynchronized data that is very time-consuming to handle. Furthermore, more data manipulations by human interaction results directly into a higher risk of errors.

Software providers such as Dacima Software are therefore focussing on delivering secure databases with aggregate data where data personnel can perform analyses and queries without the risk of errors. Real-time edit checks, skip patterns and advanced data query management provide control over the clinical data and prevent data entry errors from the data capture.

Real-time metrics provide more control during the study to the coordinating team with forecasts about the study recruitment, performance of the sites and of individual forms in terms of data capture. This continuous monitoring of data quality reduces additional costs, less risk for regulatory issues and accelerates study productivity.

This new approach to data management, analytics, collaboration and quality assurance promises to deliver both operational and financial advantages for clinical research organizations, potentially eliminating months of delays and hundreds of thousands of dollars per study. And, equally, these advances translate directly into faster time-to-market for new pharmaceuticals and help to reduce the cost of critical drugs for patients, which can dramatically accelerate and improve access to the latest life-saving treatments.                              – Rahni Hublou, Chief Product Officer at Comprehend


Dacima Software offers all of these data quality assuring techniques built-in for all the EDC solutions.

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