Patient enrolment tracking in Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials patient recruitment at all-time low

Patient recruitmentAs the most important factor of Clinical Trials, subject recruitment is currently at an all-time low. Less than 10% of patients apply for Clinical Trials and less than 5% of patients sign up for trials based on alternative cancer therapies. The most important factor for this low recruiting and retaining of subjects is the fear of being a test animal.

More money is therefore driven to identifying, recruiting and retaining these subjects. Improvements on regulatory level are being made by the FDA and the National Institutes of Health issuing a new format to stipulate the details of the study including risks, benefits and time required by patients. Apart from a more transparent structure about the details of the study, study personnel The Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative, or CTTI, proposed more interaction between study stakeholders so that indirect study personnel (such as doctors) can engage patients into clinical trials with a clear conscience.

Dacima Subject Recruitment Dashboards

As this lack of Patient Recruitment will be more critical to your studies, clear real-time metrics are required for recruitment per study and per site. Dacima Software’s Clinical Suite has embedded dashboards which track the patient enrolment per study and per site so you have a clear overview how the study recruitment is developing.

Inclusion forms and multi-stage enrolment

To facilitate enrolling and retaining subjects, Dacima Software offers multi-stage enrolment structure where patients can be
identified in multiple visits. Based on the results of these inclusion forms, subjects can be automatically allocated to a study.

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