Dacima is first EDC company to receives certification for WHODrug C3 coding from Uppsala Monitoring Centre

Dacima is pleased to announced that it had received certification from the Uppsala Monitoring Centre for its WHODrug coding module in the Dacima Clinical Suite Electronic Data Capture (EDC) software application. Dacima is the first EDC software company to receive certification for the new C3 format of the WHODrug dictionary.

The Uppsala Monitoring center (UMC) offer the WHO Drug Dictionary in in two formats: 1) B-format and 2) C/C3-format. C is the most recent format which contains more information than B-format. The B-Format  is a dictionary of Drug Codes (drug names and their corresponding ingredients etc.). The C-Format  is a dictionary of Medicinal Products.  The B-format identifies products at the Drug code level with unique Drug codes.  In the C-format, the Medicinal Product ID is the unique identifier. The C-format contains the information of the B-format plus additional data elements – information about country of sales, marketing authorization holder, dosage form and strength. The C-format also has a higher precision of Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) code assignments, since each drug name is assigned specific ATC codes.

Dacima developed a comprehensive coding module for the WHO drug dictionary that integrates with the new C/C3 format of the WHO medicinal products coding dictionary.  The module includes new features that allow for linkage with the version of the WHODrug dictionary being used, and Designer module options to allow designer users to link fields on data entry forms (eCRFs) to the Dacima WHODrug coding feature.  Using a role based permissions, users can be assign access as  a medical coder gives access to a coding screen that allows for batch and  auto-coding of drug verbatim text. The coding module allows the coder to verify and confirm manual and auto-coded items.  The WHO coding module also allows  data entry user to have direct  access to the coding features  from data entry forms, providing and additional option for coding.  This capability was designed so that sponsor initiated studies that need coders to perform coding of drug verbatim text as the text is entered in a form can do so without having to leave the data entry form.  These different access options allows the WHODrug coding to be performs in different ways to meet the needs of your coding processes.

The Dacima WHODrug coding module includes advanced search capabilities, auto-coding features, split-terms capability, as well as the ability to allow  coders  to flag verbatim drug text as ignored should it be uncodable.  The module also includes a smart “preferred coding” option the allows the user to link verbatim text to preferred coding Medicinal Product IDs that trains the coding module to automatically code  drugs with your preferred Medicinal Product codes for the study.


About Dacima Software Inc.

Dacima software is a leading innovator of Electronic Data Capture technology. Its Dacima Clinical Suite EDC platform is a web-based software application used by Clinical Research Organizations (CROs), pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, biotechnology companies, governmental agencies, non-profit organization and academic researchers around the world. Dacima, a company based in Montreal, Canada, has more than 11 years experience in the development of EDC technology for the life sciences. More information about Dacima Software Inc. can be found at



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