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Dacima’s Partnership with Rybbon Makes for Easier Research Study Incentive Management

A big part of clinical trials and research studies involves compensating participants for their time. The process, if done manually, can be time-consuming and stressful.

That’s why Dacima Software is proud to announce our partnership with Rybbon, a digital gifting platform, to provide integrated tools for managing clinical trials and research study incentive projects.

How It Works

Rybbon offers a variety of incentives, including e-gift cards, Visa and Mastercard Prepaid cards, or charitable donations. After participants have completed a study or trial, they will receive a reward email (with your logo and branding) that they can then open to redeem for a gift of their choice.

For international participants, reward options can be redeemed in more than 150 countries around the globe.

For unclaimed rewards, a 100% refund is automatically provided, so money is never wasted on rewards that aren’t used.

Saving Time on Incentive Fulfillment = More Time for Your Project

Not having to manually update spreadsheets of trial participants, physically buying and mailing gift cards, and trying to juggle multiple projects at once means that you have time to focus on what’s important: your study or trial.

“We’re constantly striving to provide Dacima customers with the tools and integrations that make their work easier,” said Dr. John Podoba, President and CEO of Dacima Software, “Our Rybbon partnership helps Dacima clients dramatically reduce the amount of time they spend on managing rewards for their clinical trials and other research studies.”

If you’ve been using Dacima, you’ll love the control you now have over survey rewards with the new Rybbon integration. If you haven’t started using Rybbon, request a demo to see how automated rewards can help you.


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