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Dacima’s eConsent improves the patient experience by obtaining consent remotely (in the comfort of a participant’s home), doctor’s office, or anywhere else convenient.

Dacima’s EDC/eSource is a fully compliant eConsent solution that supports in-person digital consenting and remote consenting of patients.  The software simplifies the consent process, raises patient comprehension and retention, and eases workloads for study teams and sites. The flexible and powerful design features a sophisticated and intuitive electronic informed consent (eICF) with videos, graphics, and PDF files.


  • Eliminate separate systems – Integrated eConsent with Dacima’s EDC/eSource solutions
  • In person eICF – share your tablet with the patient or push the eICF to kiosks/tablets in waiting rooms.
  • Remote consenting – send eICF link via email or SMS.
  • Self-recruitment – patients complete eICF after registering and creating and account through a lobby page.
  • Real-time subject status tracking – seamless patient recruitment and data collection.
  • Flexible design – including embedded video, graphics, PDF files for patients to review, consent acknowledgement checks, etc.
  • Supports multistep inclusion process – use for screening, consenting, eligibility checks and/or randomization.
  • Create multiple consents within the same study.
  • Configure different workflows – eConsent offers dynamic visit creation, form activations and conditional logic.
  • eICF signing triggers – required signatures complies with regulatory requirements.
  • Audit report – detailed report with all the activities (opening, signature, modification, etc.)