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Offline data collection

Dacima’s Offine module allows data collection in regions with poor or limited internet connectivity. The offline mode combines the benefits of web electronic data capture with that of a distributed offline database system. The system automatically generates a client application from the web database, replicating the interface of web database with all the validation checks, form design features, data querying capabilities and data collection workflow of the original master web database.

Research staff can collect data electronically using the distributed database system without the need for internet access. When arriving at the clinical site/office, the software will synchronize with the online version by comparing it to the locally stored database and will only upload the changes that have been made to optimize low-speed internet access.


  • No internet needed to collect data.
  • Offline app for laptops, tablets and mobile devices.
  • Synchronization is optimized for low-speed internet access.
  • Real-time data validation, conditional skip patterns and validation checks.
  • Open more possibility for home visits, out in the fields and other remote areas.