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Dacima is taking EDC to the next level!

  • Advanced, flexible with powerful features
  • Capture data from any device
  • Customization components, wide range of data entry options
  • Integration with any other software through ODM standards
  • Create your own professional questionnaires
  • Complete control over your studies with query management and custom reporting


Powerful clinical data management


Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes

Visit Scheduler

Plan and book your patients visits

Medical coding

Standardize your data entry terminology


Offline data collection

DICOM images

View patient medical images


Randomize patient easily 24/7


Collect data directly from patients at the right moment


Capture data at the source


Collect data directly from clinicians


Report, manage and analyze AEFI


Review data and electronically sign off reviewed forms

Digital payment

Automate the rewards fulfillment process

Supply Management

Allocate drugs or devices to patients

Web Survey

Build online surveys for mailing lists, anonymous or invitations


Easily capture patient informed consent‎


Ensure patient safety/pharmacovigilance


Manage registry and administrative databases

Dacima’s Clinical Trial and Epidemiological Research data management software offers innovative solutions designed to streamline data collection, enhance your data management and improve data quality.

Dacima Clinical Suite is the most advanced and flexible Electronic Data Capture system. Our user-friendly and flexible web Electronic Data Capture (EDC) software application allows you to easily tailor the clinical database and interface to meet the requirements of your research study, making it ideal for a wide range of medical research study designs, including clinical trials, patient registries, observational study designs, web surveys, electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePRO), post-marketing studies and administrative databases.

With its many features and capabilities and an easy-to-use designer interface you can create database without the need for programming expertise. Dacima offers the most powerful, flexible and user-friendly EDC software on the market.