Visit Scheduler

The Visit Scheduler module allows you to automatically schedule your subjects follow-up visits.

The scheduler projects the visits based on the study protocol and allows you to confirm it as a scheduled visit or change it as needed. With the built-in date range the system also display the acceptable visit date window and displays warning for visits scheduled outside of the acceptable date range.


  • Automatic date calculation and scheduling.
  • A task list help you coordinate and manage the subjects visits.
  • A warnings list help you know if a  scheduled or completed visit date is outside the acceptable projected date range.
  • Can include ad hoc appointments that are not part of the visit structure of the study.
  • Visits monthly, weekly or daily views for your centre or specific subject.
  • Subject complete visit schedule with list of completed forms. 
  • Subject communications logs (email, SMS and phone call).
  • Send email to a subject from a template.