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The Most Advanced ePRO Software

DACIMA ePRO is an electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePRO) software that allows you to build online surveys, forms, polls quizzes, questionnaires or use existing study forms to be filled out by patients via email or SMS, using a tablet or on your smartphone!

DACIMA ePRO complies with FDA 21 CRF Part 11, Good Clinical Practices (GCP) and a complete audit trail, making it the best choice for medical, health-related research surveys and post-marketing drug surveys. 

DACIMA ePRO is the most advance web survey software allowing you to create simple questionnaire or complex follow-up questionnaires designs. 


  • Interviewer can trigger forms for self-completion
    • Via email to be complete on a desktop.
    • Hand out tablet to a participant.
    • Send links to Smartphone to be complete in web app.
  • Simplified interface for patients.
  • Send out reminders (delay from days to minutes).
  • Integration with scheduler module and visit structure
  • Customizable welcome, EULA, login, completion, timeout pages.
  • Customizable invitation email or SMS.
  • Ability to create conditional dependencies to enable fields, to make fields visible or hidden, trigger popup messages and change colors.
  • Ability to configure simple or complex validation checks.
  • Ability to create multiple forms which are automatically and seamlessly displayed to the user.
  • Ability to add dynamic form logic allowing you to trigger specific forms based on the response logic/pattern of items from another form.
  • Eligibility/inclusion checks to determine respondent eligibility.
  • Customizable non-eligible screen.
  • Choose from different data extraction options.
  • SAS code generator automatically writes SAS import, format and label code.
  • Use the Query builder to extract subsets of data or generate aggregate and summary statistics reports.
  • Build in reports lets you view summary statistics, generate a data dictionary, data query reports and more.

ePRO Manager

Access as the ePRO manager user gives you access to ePRO management tools for tracking respondent questionnaire completion, questionnaire status, reports, data extraction options, query builder (create custom reports and outputs), managing email invitations and reminders and more. DACIMA EPRO allows you to conduct hybrid study with system automatic tracking of different data collections mode (email invitation surveys, URL access, and/or manual entry of paper-based surveys).