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EvidentIQ Q&A

Dacima has joined the EvidentIQ Group, you can read the complete announcement here.


Q01 When did the change become effective?
A01 July 1, 2022.

Q02 What will change?
A02 The existing structure will not change, and business will continue as usual. However, due to the new ownership, Dacima Software will further professionalize and have the ability to grow significantly faster.

Q03 What strategy are you following with this?
A03 We will be able to extend our geographic footprint (in particular for the EU and US), the product portfolio and further professionalize the services.


Q01 What happens to our existing studies?
A01 There will be no change to existing studies. Dacima remains the entity that has full and exclusive control of your data infrastructure.

Q02 Will it have any impact on the existing agreements?
A02 No, Dacima will act within the current existing customer agreements.

Q03 Will my contact person remain the same?
A03 Yes, there will be no change.

Product and Services

Q01 What about Dacima Clinical Suite?
A01 Dacima will remain the central platform for all our products.

Q02 Any impact on the product portfolio?
A02 Our focus will remain software for clinical trials, patient registries, and observational studies.

We will continue to maintain, renew and extend our product portfolio and have some new exciting modules/product in the pipeline.

Q03 Any impact on services?
A03 No, service remain that the same professional level. Over time we will be adding new services offering.


Q01 Who can I contact for further questions?
A01 You can contact Dr. John Podoba, President & CEO for any further questions by email or phone +1 (514) 656-9199.

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