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EvidentIQ Q&A

Dacima has joined the EvidentIQ Group, you can read the complete announcement here. General Q01 When did the change become effective? A01 July 1, 2022. Q02 What will change? A02 The existing structure will not change, and business will continue as usual. However, due to the new ownership, Dacima Software will further professionalize and have...
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Dacima has joined the EvidentIQ Group

We are pleased to announce that Dacima has joined the EvidentIQ Group, a German based end-to-end eClinical solutions company with a broad data science service portfolio and patient recruitment capabilities with locations in Germany, France and the USA. Pharmaceutical and medical device companies, clinical research institutions and universities worldwide rely on the group’s products. The...
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Happy Holidays

DACIMA team wishes you a happy holiday and healthy New Year! The past year has not been easy for everyone. We are so grateful for your continued support and partnership. We look forward to working with you in 2022.

Coronavirus outbreak and potential impact on clinical data

DACIMA is committed to providing assistance to governments, CROs, sponsors, for all their data collected needs for the COVID-19 pandemic. Since Coronavirus outbreak, Dacima has been working with Research Institutes and Government agencies to support health care services. Bringing together Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnologies, Clinical Research Organizations and Regulators during times of uncertainty is what society needs...
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Double-Blind, Single-Center, Randomized Three-Way Crossover Trial of Fitted, Thin, and Standard Condoms for Vaginal and Anal Sex: C-PLEASURE Study Protocol and Baseline Data

Emory University used Dacima Clinical Suite for its C-Pleasure study and posted the results in JMIR Publications. Aaron Siegler, PhD Associate Professor,  Emory University STUDY ABSTRACT Background: Male condoms are underused despite their ability to prevent transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. The perception of decreased sexual pleasure and poor condom fit are major...
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DACIMA providing randomization (IWRS), supply management and drug accountability software for the COLCORONA trial on COVID-19

Dacima is pleased to announce that our web randomization (IWRS), supply management and drug accountability modules of our Electronic Data Capture software, Dacima Clinical Suite, will be used in the COLCHICINE CORONAVIRUS SARS-CoV2 TRIAL (COLCORONA). The COLCORONA trial, will be conducted by the research center of the Montreal Heart Institute (ICM) and funded by the...
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