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DACIMA providing randomization (IWRS), supply management and drug accountability software for the COLCORONA trial on COVID-19

Dacima is pleased to announce that our web randomization (IWRS), supply management and drug accountability modules of our Electronic Data Capture software, Dacima Clinical Suite, will be used in the COLCHICINE CORONAVIRUS SARS-CoV2 TRIAL (COLCORONA). The COLCORONA trial, will be conducted by the research center of the Montreal Heart Institute (ICM) and funded by the government of Quebec.

DACIMA is a leading innovator in Electronic Data Capture (EDC) technology. Dacima Clinical Suite is an advanced, fully validated web-based EDC platform with a comprehensive suite modules and advanced design feature that allow for the design of more efficient, sophisticated and user-friendly study databases. Dacima Clinical suite is the most flexible and configurable EDC system on the market allowing it to be used not only for randomized clinical trials but also for other study designs and data collection needs, including, patient registries, observational epidemiological research studies, web survey, ePRO, program evaluation studies and more.

“DACIMA is committed to providing assistance to governments, CROs, sponsors, for all their data collected needs for the COVID-19 pandemic”, said DACIMA’s President & CEO Dr. John Podoba.

To learn more about how DACIMA can support your COVID-19 studies, please reach out to us. A DACIMA team member will contact you to provide more information.

Dacima Clinical Suite is a powerful, private cloud EDC platform that enables researchers, CROs and sponsors to rapidly implement and deploy studies, lower cost and streamline data collection processes. With a wide range of modules and advanced design features not found in any other EDC systems, DACIMA’s technology offers the flexibility and feature to create better and more efficient study databases. For more information please visit

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